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  1. BIG BASS EFFECT help plz!!!!

    Help me please, i dont know what to do... have you ever had an idea but just dont know how to put it in your film? I Use Adobe Premiere Pro, I have this idea I want to use in my video: The music that is playing is techno and the music comes to a part that has a steady Bass beat to it. Boom...
  2. watch October 31st deadline (OIF)

    Thanks for the feedback Roo. I’m glad you liked it. I really didn’t have much to work with as you can tell… its funny when you watch your own video you can spot glitches that no one else can…lol. The family day got postponed so I have more time to fix the video… I’ll try not to zoom all the way...
  3. watch Horrors of War - TEASER (new)

    Looks really good… just wondering what the budget was for this film.
  4. Online Film school

    Online Film school Dose anyone know of a Regionally Accredited on-line Film school? Reason being is that I’m in the Military and constantly moving (For example: I’ve been to Iraq twice and am leaving for Korea in a few months). I also have 100% tuition assistance and would like to take full...
  5. Premiere Pro question

    Premiere Pro question Okay… I hope I posted this in the rite spot. I am using Adobe Premiere Pro and I’m fairly new to it. I am trying to take a snapshot of a frame so I can edit it in Photoshop. My ultimate goal is to take the last frame of my video and have it freeze for an ‘x’ amount of...
  6. watch 1-Minute Film for Contest

    aaaahh... now i see... good job, it looks real good!
  7. watch 1-Minute Film for Contest

    its good but.... ummm.... i just dont get it (?)
  8. PC vs MAC

    Yea... I think I’ll stick with PC for now. i use Premiere Pro... anything else anyone thinks I should try?
  9. watch Oh No! Nazis

    lol... i can't wate
  10. PC vs MAC

    Yea, I think I will… thanks.
  11. watch Oh No! Nazis

    wow.... lol.... that was funny.... Bored?
  12. PC vs MAC

    I wish I had an extra $2000 that I didn’t know what to do with…. I already have Premiere Pro and like it very much, I just wanted to know what other people thought and what there experiences were. So I will probably just do as you said… just save my money and get a kick ass camera! And probably...
  13. PC vs MAC

    I see, very good, I like the answers that I am hearing. Let me brake it down a bit farther… I have a very good PC… Top of the line. But I have herd a lot of good things about Final Cut Pro, though I have never used it, I herd it blows Premiere out of the water. Do they make Final cut pro for...
  14. PC vs MAC

    The reason I ask is because I’m just wondering how many people use PC vs MAC to work on there movies. I have a PC that I built myself (as I always do) its top of the line… but after looking at the specs for the Apple G5 I was blown away! That thing has so much power I’m sure it would make...
  15. PC vs MAC

    PC vs MAC What do you prefer and why?