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    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    This is all really coming into its own, will you be realeasing a trailer or teaser in the near future?
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    How to make a 5 minute interview appealing and attractive to click?

    IMO the mass of interest should come from the narration or the "story". I mean, you're not watching interviews to look at pretty shots, you watch them to learn more about someone or something. Therefore first and foremost I would focus on the structure of the dialogue in a way that will keep...
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    misc Can I use videogames as a source of filmmaking and cinematography inspiration?

    For sure. If you take a look at series like Metal Gear Solid or Deus Ex, it's hard to not see the source of cinematic inspiration contained within!
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    pre-pro Making a Low Budget Sci-Fi Film

    I'm a huge sci-fi fan myself and this is looking really amazing. The props and everything look super well done already.
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    My name is Adam

    Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone, did not even expect this many responses.
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    My name is Adam

    Hey there, everyone. I lied. My name is Ladislav Tomisek, but I use Adam Alake as a pseudonym for my media composition career - feel free to call me by either. I'm here to discuss filmmaking in general, since I love films and I am always curious about the inner workings and behind the scenes of...