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  1. location-sound Possible to split a recorder-mixed track?

    Once mixed, always mixed.
  2. lighting Need camera and lighting info

    Sound for picture? Never heard of it. 😬 Good to hear from you, Bob! Hope you’re staying safe and healthy up there.
  3. lighting Need camera and lighting info

    That’s a very fair question, though hands-and-pans demos are often just video and music, no narration. This is especially common with model-making demos. See the sample video linked in the original post. I kid because I love. Though, sound may be my primary bread and butter but I do shoot and...
  4. Looking for a film director based on my novel idea.

    Not to be “that guy” (okay... I’m going to be “that guy”), but this kind of statement reads as admitting that you’re willing to take advantage of people’s desperation, real or perceived. This is not a good way to start out and actually comes across is predatory at worst, selfish at best. And...
  5. lighting Need camera and lighting info

    You know the difference between a sound guy and a camera guy, right? A sound guy knows how to run a camera. 😬
  6. watch A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TYRANT-Short Film

    Copyright. Copyright has nothing to do with intent, or with whether or not you intend to sell it or otherwise make money off it. It literally refers to who has the legal right to make and distribute copies. And even if it’s something that is done by others, it’s still copyright infringement...
  7. lighting Need camera and lighting info

    Hi, Roberto. There's no reason you can't get started with what you have, plus a couple of things. First, get the FilmicPRO app for your phone. That unlocks all sorts of useful controls for your camera, including focus, exposure, and white balance. You'll also need a clamp to mount your phone...
  8. Holiday Chat

  9. Holiday Chat

    After 5 months of having no work (mid-March to mid-August), one of the cable network series I work on came back for 3 weeks. I thought that was going to be it for the rest of 2020, but one of the production managers called me in early November with a new spinoff series. That’s actually had me...
  10. software Audio unsynced when using Buetooth speaker

    Bluetooth causes latency. That’s it. That’s the issue. Whenever you’re able, use a cable.
  11. misc Is this Peaked Recording Fixable?

    Late to the game on this one, but oh, well. Most if this is too little, too late, but important for your future work. First, any time you see peaking on your meters (or even input LED clip indicators) on a mixer or recorder, you need to back everything off a bit. The TASCAM DR-series recorders’...
  12. tv RIP, Great Pumpkin

    Yes. See this recent article from TV Technology...
  13. marketing Film Poster Design

    Agreed. It’s way too busy and the colors merely create noise. Design with clean margins, rather than all the way out to the margins. Font is gaudy and hard to read, especially at the bottom. (Also, there’s an apostrophe missing... shouldn’t it be “The King’s World”?)
  14. marketing Portfolios and Youtube for Filmmaking

    Vimeo does have a more polished platform for working creatives, but YouTube has the reach. And Vimeo has changed their user tiers over the past couple of years, making it more expensive for those doing less traffic. The free tier just doesn’t offer as much as it used to, so you have to pay to...
  15. microphone Which Lavalier Mics? And Microphone

    Be *very* careful purchasing RØDE products on Amazon. If you go to their website, you’ll see a banner across the top warning of counterfeits, and that any of their products purchased from Amazon (specifically “fulfilled by Amazon”) will not offer any warranty coverage. Buy RØDE products from an...