would anyone like to hear some music I made for my film?

:blush: I made a self released album which is in concept of my fim ill be making this summer. not all of the tracks will be in the film. You can check out the music through www.soundclick.com/edmarchetti or visit my web page which also has some more information and media. you may not have to sign up on soundclick to hear the couple of songs i have on the site. unfortunatly their hi fi stream hasnt been working altely. If anyone checks out the page, please sign my guestbook. Id like to know who went there.
Many of the tracks reminded me of the old "Carnage Visors" soundtrack, by The Cure. A couple seemed to have elements of Portishead in them. All very moody, not too fancy. The song titles were sinisterly descriptive as well, which made getting into the feel of what the song was about easy. (I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight! :shock: )

Hi-fi stream was working fine, and no signing up was needed.

There was one bit which really bugged me on two of the songs... I have no idea what the musicians' term for it is, but the drum rhythm would have an odd beat that didn't match the way the rest of the instruments were playing... like it was all offset by a beat. Maybe it's all part of the unnerving atmosphere. ;)

Overall, pretty good. =D>
Thanks for checking some of them out. I appreciate it. The only track i recommend you may lsiten to sometime is "a better place". I think some people like it because its 7 on the trip hop charts right now, its also one of my favorites I've made, though I dont like all of my music so maybe that doesnt mean much. :roll:

Im suprised the hi fi stream worked for you, thanks for letting me know. I can only think of one track that some people may think has an "odd" beat, which is understandable. The track "wouldnt you like to remember" went through lots of changes. It s my most complex track, as i kept adding because something was missing. It is a little hard to follow the beats but if you listen closely it does sound right. Theres lots of music that is sometimes this way like some of captain beefhearts music and also Enos. I didnt really mean to do it, but it happened after adding so many drum tracks and samples. Afterwards I was very happy with the track.

Some of the things you said were pretty good. Mood is the most important thing to me. I dont really care to be fancy. I think most of the tracks will fit the atmosphere of the film well. And also thanks about the song titles, I think they fit good as well. :)