What camera should I get?

I was wondering what everyone's opinion is for a good camera for a amature to start out with for filming around or under 1000.00 I was looking at a Canon Rebel T2i but am wondering if there is any better bang for your buck . Any help is appreciated
Does the $1000 include lenses or just the body? A T2i would be great. I would recommend a Panasonic GH3 over the T2i, and it's only $550 on B&H right now. You might have other criteria, but here are some quick pros and cons my my experience:

Canon T2i Pros: Better color (subjective), APS-C sensor size, better photos, better low light

GH3 Pros: Higher bitrate video, 60fps in 1080p, articulating screen, more lens options (with adapters)
Thanks for your reply I was looking to spend $1000 or under on just the body I have been doing some research because I am new to this and want the best deal I can get. I see that there is not much of a difference between the t2i and the New models if I'm not mistaken. I was also looking at the canon 70d but not sure what the right one to buy is. But from what I have been reading it's more about lenses and the skill of the person behind the camera then the actual camera itself. I should add that I'm looking to make a short film and would like to build a kit around the idea of shooting in low light mostly. Since I am new to this I would think that buying cheaper would make more sense to play around with. But I also don't mind putting the money and the time in for somthing that will be better in the long run.
Yeah, the Panasonic's and Sony's tend to give you higher resolution than the Canon's.

That being said, any camera can be the right camera for you. If I were you, I'd see if I could rent a couple (should only be about $20-$50 or so per day considering their age) and see what you like best.

A used A7s is nearly within your budget reach. An a5300 is. Or an a6300