top-list What Are Your Top 3 Movies of All Time?

Hard to pick three in order. But I can select three of maybe the top ten. In no particular order but the criteria is a) I am compelled to watch again and again because it is just as entertaining or more each time b) I feel as a work of filmmaking craft it has something to continually teach and c) I always see or learn something new each time I watch it.

1. Citizen Kane
2. Jaws
3. The Graduate


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My top five have not changed in over 20 years. After that I don't
keep a list. I'll add one to my list only to drop it after a year or so
when something else is better. There are movies I watch more than
those on my top five. There are movies that are better than my top
five. There are the classics that should be on my top five.

But enough of that. My top three:

Mary Poppins
The Killing
The Empire Strikes Back
Its hard to make a Top 3 Movies of All Time. So many good ones... Instead I will make a list of movies that influence me the most and pulled my life to certain directions


Suburbia is far from a masterpiece. Its about Teens that are scared to grow up. Its about fear of making the wrong choices... Jeff the main protagonist is so afraid that he doesn't make any choice. Not doing something is a choice as well and in the end he losses most of its friends. The ting he wanted to avoid by doing noting. This movie is 100 times better than Boyhood....
I saw it when I was 18 and I was also not making a any choice because I was afraid to make the wrong one. I decided to go back to school to do HAVO (Higher General Secondary Education).

Eresorhead and Songs from the second floor

I value both movies ..........I cant tell you witch one is better because its comparing oranges with apples . David lynch made his best movie. Eresorhead is full of darkens, sound and fear. It explores something I was looking for into art. It heavily influenced my painting and charcoal work. It made me explore installation art into a direction that made me explore darkens, sound and the subconscious mind.
Songs from the second floor is not one movie. Instead every scene is a movie that share a collective story. Roy Anderson made his best work with this one. Its is a beautiful composition of sadness and humour. It influenced my Room of Tomorrow and my Het hart van de wereld in writing and composition.
Wow, having to whittle it down to THREE - tough job. It would be easier for three from each genre.....

As of today, because the list will change as my moods/life changes......

Ben Hur
Forrest Gump
The Incredibles