What are you working on?

Well you know I'm not shy!

I'm into my neck in research for my next screenplay. For a good handful of months I thought I knew what my next movie was going to be. I talked about it lots here. But I just couldn't figure out how to come up with the budget needed for it, even with the possibility of crowdfunding.

A new idea sprang forth, and I love it, and it can be shot on a super-tiny guerrilla budget! It's a musical, it's gonna be super-fun, and I'm so excited about it!!!

The main leads are lesbian and feminist. And so before I write the script, I want to know those communities better than I do now. I'm of course spending time on LGBT and feminist online forums, as well as looking into how to meet people locally and discuss the themes that will be raised in this movie. Of course I'm also trying to figure out how to find people to collaborate with who can represent the LGBT experience better than I can. Co-director maybe?


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Corporate video, 'Fissure' (My short film), Star Wars fan film (cos I'm a nerd), new game for work (my actual job) and a trailer for Fissure for a q and a tomorrow. Phew...
Getting more eye-balls on our 48 hour short, doing paperwork for taxes, doing more paperwork, almost finishing a timelapse project, picking up the community project again soon, mentally preparing to do some sales tomorrow :P

Long term: writing, finishing my website.

Currently in post production on my humorous/scary short "The Petulant Penguin"
I'll be rushing to get a version out before halloween.
Working on getting Waiting 2 Die in some festivals. Writing on some short scripts. Trying to get writing on some of my feature scripts.
Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in....
So doing the Haunted House I do every year, which is always fun. Will probably be doing music for a horror stage play next year that I can't talk about yet, but it's crazy exciting and as soon as I can announce it, I will. That said, I'm hoping to score that as my band, rather than as myself, and I think the music I'm doing will be good for that.

I've been performing with this project for the past year, managing about one show per month, from tiny to huge. Opened for Claudio Simonetti's Goblin. Tomorrow I'm playing at Pittsburgh Modular's monthly Synth Playrgound (2 hours of free play with their modular synths, followed by live local music). 11/12 I'm opening for a local legendary goth band's reunion show (first since 2002). Put out an EP:
and with the passing of Alan Vega, a cover of my favorite Suicide song:
Working on writing new material for a full length album, hopefully next year, and branching out into some regional shows. Maybe a small tour next summer, if I can! Don't expect this will ever get to "quit my dayjob level", but I'm excited about the music, and usually buzzed for a week after each show! Spooky goth/darkwave electronic rock, if you are curious but don't want to listen.
Thanks, and thanks for listening! I'm very proud of it! Also, if you or anyone else wants to use a song in a film, let me know and I'll hook you up with .wav and/instrumental mixes. Won't be good for most films, but for the right one (horror, intense drama, dark fantasy) they could be awesome.
Getting into the Halloween spirit...

It's been ages since my last post. Hoping everyone is doing well! In the spirit of MidKnightly's Halloween Challenge I wanted to share a short for the haunted season... THE HALLOWEEN SPIRIT. With music from JoshL (yeah!), Keshco & others.

This was one of those "let's stay busy and make a movie" movies. No script in place, just an idea, some props and a 6-pack of beer.


I'm still in Massachusetts and currently enrolled in a 1-year masters program at Boston University, which is keeping me very busy.

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bend over

Flicker does the best Halloween shorts, hands down! Equal parts comedy and horror! Best of luck with the schooling!
Genre: Holidays
Prop: Earrings
Line: ?

Nice one, btw! This is closer to reality than the ideal christmas most people seem to want :P

Never knew 'vom' is a word ;)
And it's true: Die Hard is an amazing Christmas movie :)
I watched it last week :)
Started a VLOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38RR0bFzdBE

was going to do it weekly but I think 2 weekly is my best bet as my life isnt too interesting.

Shooting a music video next sat with Gorillaonabike (also using his new glorious camera, excited)

will be including behind the scenes for the VLOG and casting etc..

will be shooting another music video in november, and hopefully 2-3 short films, then 2 features next year and if I am courageous enough and smart enough I will shoot an experimental feature this year in one day...

so not alot really.