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We are looking to fill crew positions for our upcoming film scene in Houston that will be
filming March 26-31st We are looking for the following:

Digital Imaging Technician - Seeking an experienced DIT. You will be in charge of
transferring and managing the image data, setting up "look up tables" (LUTs), set
camera settings, and media management. Pay/$11/hr

Camera Operator- Must have knowledge of Arri Alexa or similar high end cameras.

Key Grip - Seeking an experienced Key grip. You will be the chief Grip on a set, and
the head of the Set Operations Department. You will work with the Director of
Photography to help set up the set and to achieve correct lighting and blocking.

Grips-Seeking 2 interns for experience as grips. You will report to the Key Grip and are
responsible for lifting heavy things and setting rigging points for lights. Non-paying.

Make Up Artist-Seeking an experienced MUA to work with makeup and special effects
to create the characters look for anyone appearing on screen. Your role is to manipulate
the Actor's on-screen appearance. You must also be proficient in on screen Body
Makeup. Pay/$300.00

Production Assistants - Seeking 2 PAs to do various jobs on set.

Costume Supervisor - Seeking an intern to be in charge of on screen costumes. You
will work with the producer and MUA to insure continuity of costumes between takes.

Film Score Composer- Experienced composer to score undertone music for the
scene to directors specifications.
Pay/ Negotiable***

All Paid positions are NET-30
***Will be paid upon completion
Please include in your email the position(s) in which you are interested and send
resumes/demo reels to chap@3rdnoelfilms.com
They're looking for highly experienced crew members, to work with equipment in the $50-100k range, and offering to pay starbucks wages? Frankly if I had an Alexa, or was spending the money to rent one, I'm not sure I'd trust someone willing to work for $100/day to handle the camera unless it was someone I knew personally and well - certainly not someone I found on craigslist.
Did you notice the pay rates? That's the joke.

$10 an hour for a key grip? $100/day for a camera op? $300 for a MU artist for six days work? $50/day ($5/hr) and s/he still has to supply the make-up? Let's see, the camera op gets $100 for a 10 hour day; that's $10/hour. Take out gas and other expenses it's absolutely insulting.
I was a PA for a car commercial in Houston 3 years back and I think I got $150/day, just driving talent to location!! $100 for a camera op? You don't see anything funny about that dreadylocks?