Tizzy High Def trailer shoot complete!

So, were done. After three long, hard, emotional days, we are done. I am sad to say the production slowed after the first day, thanks to the D.P. going back to his old ways. What a nightmare he was. This is the same guy I had it out with on the music vid shoot.

Basically, he did what he wanted, and used his links to Panosonic as his excuse. In the end, he only shot one shot the way it was storyboarded (and not even, it was just similar.) We have like 20 slow dollie shots. Tell me how do you cut a trailer out of slow dollie shots?? Oh well, we will make it work.

We were plauged by other problems as well. I went to Miami to pick up a jib, had the van I was driving break down, and had to walk ten miles to a U-Haul ( The guy said it was a mile and a half down the road..... it was TEN!) Then, this morning after the shoot, my buddy had to drive the equipment to Tampa to deliver it to the Panosonic rep. He was going on no slep, nodded off at the wheel, and flipped his car in a ditch. The car is totalled, but he is ok, aside from some bruises (mainly to his ego) and a tiddy gash on his forehead. Amazingly, the HD cam, and the rest of the equipment came out un scaved. What a trial this was, but we should have something cool to show for it. (hey, we F**in shot HD!)

I hope to have some screen grabs as of next week, and Ill be sure to post them for you folks. H. D. is the future. We are entering a new era. I have actually never shot film. I had always planned to, for the romance of it all, but if I just shoot HD, why not. I could be the first successful film maker, to NEVER shoot film. Amazing. Ill keep you postd, and keep your fingers crossed.
R. Michael McWhorter