Tizzy HD trailer stills... finally!

Well, some may remember a while back, me mentioning this shoot, and promising stills. Then... nothing. Well, the director wanted to wait until the trailers premiere to release any pics, but now that is done (and quite a success I might add) and we are on to picture fun.

Only trouble is, these arent the best quality. Because they didnt want any released, no one bothered to rip grabs off the HD master. As a result, these came from a DVD of the trailer (which was then routed through a cam, and firewire, into Avid to get the grabs) which lead to significant loss of picture qulaity, and added grain. That, and a trick I had for remote linking pics through Cafepress was found out, and they have ended that fun.
At any rate, I should have some cleaner pics soon (fingers crossed) and you can view the stills by going to...

Please, check em out, and let me know what you think. We are trying to find a server to post the trailer. Once its up, Ill send it your way for scrutiny. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
R. Michael
Hey R.Michael(TizzyEnt),

Liked the stills. They aren't bad at all. Shoot, they probably look better than my whole movie, since I shot in mini-DV. I'm curious to know what type of camera you used and also what was it's max resolution. I don't understand why they have two HD Resolutions, 720 and 1080. I'm hoping to do well enough with my current to warrant getting an HD or greater (35mm) for my next movie. So I'm pretty curious about that. Did you rent, have someone who owned, or did you buy?

I'm anxtious to see the trailer. Why don't you just buy some webspace? I know a guy here in Atlanta. He hosts a lot of websites and can get you one for about $10 a month. There's also a lot of people on the web that will host for you for about this price. He give 100MB of space, 5GB Transfer a month. You can find people giving an average of 250MB of space and 15GB of transfer for about the same price. The reason why I went with him is because I know him personally, but I may move in the future as I grow.

If you can, when you do get the "full size stills" could you post a full size still on your website, maybe two or three, that are zipped and uncompressed in TGA format? Many filmmaers like myself, liek to see the full uncompressed version to manipulate and check out. Several sites I've run into have done this, but most just have Mini-DV or DV-Pro, I've yet to run into a full size uncompressed HD still.

Talk with you later.

We shot on the Panosonic HD Varricam, as it has a variable frame rate, an can shoot slo mo. (dosent shoot true slo mo, but the cam simulates, and fills in frames. Looks just as good) as for the reolution, I am drawing a blank right now... I dont know why but I am. As for rental... there was none. Our DP has a working relationship with Panosonic. They gave us $125,000 worth of equipment, for 5 days, for free. (they even paid to have it flown in, and out again) For the feature, we will be renting though.

Buying webspace. This is something I need to do anyway, and im getting around to it, but this trailer isnt mine to post, a Im not the director. If I had the space, he would probablly let me, but im not going to set it up, because he MAY let me. A friend and I are working on it, and i have had some volunteer web space for a week or two in order to let folks see it.

as for the high res stills, i think we can do that. Soon as I get some, ill post em. Thanks again for the feedback
R. Michael
Thanks for the responce Tizzy.

I've been thinking about using the Panasonic Varicam, or buying it. It costs right at $60,000! It has a varitable rate of 4 to 60 fps and it is native 720 pixels vertically. I know alot about this camera because I've wanted it for a while. I use it's little brother tight now the famous "24p" DVX100. I'll probably be the first person to make a full length film with the 24p. I started shooting Nov 1, two weeks after the camera came out!
We are real close to finishing up the post production now. And I guess I'm just as stingy. My actors have been asking me for snibbits and such for the last month, since to them they've had a 4 month wait. But I don't like to show stuff until I have something to show. The camera looks great. I heard a lot about it from other people especially out on pixelmonger.com .

Can't wait to see the preview!

Re: Great shots!

Travesty said:
Tizzy, the shots look great! I am impressed. It looks like a REAL movie, whatever that means. Good luck on your future ventures. :D

LOL I think thats the point of H.D., to look like a "real film" so i take that as a compliment.

As for the first feature shot with the AG-DVX100... I thinki know some folks who beat ay to it (but who cares, right?) Actually, i think its a feature, but it might be a short. Here are some stills from it..




You can also see some examples of comercial spots they shot with this cam at...

Enjoy... :lol:
R. M.
OH, BTW...

For those of you who havent gotten around to going to m site, and checkin out the stills (or are just to lazy) a friend was kind enough to put this up for me to link to. This is one of the stills, if you wanna see more, go to the site...

We'll they might have beated me to it, but I don't know I might have beat them to it too. Unless they started filming on Nov 1, 2002 I beat 'em. I doubt they did because most people want time to fiddle with teh camera, but since the DVX was my first cam, I just went straight in no holds barred. :)

But it doesn't really matter. Their stills look great though. I noticed with the DVX that it can (in my opinion) put out about 500 lines of the supposed 525 lines availible. Definately a huge jump over the Sony and Canon. But unfortunately, since I did just "jump" in, I probably lost a good 20 to 80 lines on average per shot. I have some shots that are excellent and others that are just okay. I'd say my average is about 440 lines cropped to (16:9) maybe 320? or so lines. Anyway, I'm happy for now. Not overjoyed, but happy.

I think the funniest thing is that even though I made huge amount of errors, because of haste and the fact that I was a true R.Rodriguez type filmmaker (as I only had a makeup artist and my wife helped me out about 50% of the time, mainly running for food and editing the script). I did everything else myself, so I'm not perfect in everything. So you can tell. But I've seen people with DVCPro who's stuff is worse than mine and I'm like "Look at these people?! What the heck is wrong with them!"

I think everything will work out okay for me in the long run. But I'm happy to see other people's stills. I check out websites daily, and even here in the South it's funny that some people may have access to HD, but have Mini-DV stories in them, and then you get the opposite with people who have worked the heck out of Mini-DV with great stories and acting, but just could not afford the HD.

Well... dang! I thought we did it first! *laugh*

Hey Guys,

We too have an AG-DVX100 and made a short during the week of Christmas, 2002 called "Aftermath." The stills we have aren't full-res, so I don't think they do the movie justice, but I'll attest to the quality of the camera - it's absolutely incredible. We've since finished another short movie, "Sex and the Model Agent," and we've got another in production and another in the can.

I can't stop shooting on this camera. We go into production on our first feature with it this Summer!


Jason Santo


Yeah, I love the camera. I think it could have been a little better about chroma noise, but besides that for a mini-DV cam, it's right up the alley for most indie moviemakers.

I've been in post-production on this movie for almost 5 months now! I should be finished soon and I'll send you guys a link to the site, and maybe at that time create a new login. But we'll see.

I liked some of your stuff on your site Mindscape. Seems like you've been busy. Maybe when I get some time I'll try to see more. Boston? Hunh? Great city, I visited there a couple of years ago and was living in Hartford, CT, but I visited Boston more than New York. I must admit I really liked the city, but I didn't like the tolls, nor the traffic, nor the cost of living! :) So I'm settled here in Atlanta. Moving making here is starting up. A few people have done HD or mini-DV stuff, but there's not a "presence" here as of yet. So to me it's a great place to start where the "cream" will easily rise to the top and maybe the South can get some recognition for movies soon. :)


You've got to get one. I mean, if you're shooting on miniDV, there's nothing better. I hear canon and Sony are both working on their own 24p models with Cine-gamma. But the only way I see they can make the cam better is to remove the choma noise, have a slightly better imager, and give shallow depth of field, plus built in widescreen resolution. If they do that, they will take the DVX100's crown in an instant.

I'm hoping to move up after this movie though, to one of DVX's bigger brothers, either the 720/24p or the widescreen 520/24p DVC pro cam. If I go to the DV-pro I get 24p with twice the resolution of my current movie, if I go 720p I get 4 times the resolution. I'm hoping to get away from 16:9 to 23:9, which to me is better resolution and gives more latitude for cinematography. But I need at least a better camera to make that move.