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watch The Worst Short Film You Will See This Year

I guess I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Thanks for all the suggestions, I have a lot of homework to do.

How would you suggest I learn to use my DSLR camera when I have it?


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I guess I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Thanks for all the suggestions, I have a lot of homework to do.

How would you suggest I learn to use my DSLR camera when I have it?

Make a short film. Very short. 1-2 page script.
You'll learn.
I will. That's my goal now. I'll post it here as soon as it's done.

This means more homework for me, hurrah! lol
When I went to artschool, there was a free rental for gear.
And that is great, but I had to share the gear (not so many cameras) with everyone in school, so when I had the money I got myself my own camera, making me independant of other people's plans to rent one as well.
I also made sure I could always edit when I wanted to: my own editing computer didn't care about schedules and opening hours :P

IMO: these tools and a decent microphone are a good place to start learning.
When you are starting out, it isn't mandatory to collect hardware as if you are a Hollywood rental house. As you go, you'll see what you need, what you can borrow, what you can hire and what you need to have.
You can do without all of this ..

i realize, i'm trying to make the point of: first things first. i have lots of this stuff myself, but when i wrote and shot my last project i used NONE of my own gear, other people brought great stuff to the table and my stuff was redundant.
Next thing you know I'll have a smooth bald head.


"What have I done?"

That's the power of a letter.
But yes, I definitely need a camera before school starts. Would be good to know what I'm doing a bit. The T6i's were leaked? Seem pretty cool. Probably too expensive for me though. Tax season is coming and I always do spend the money I get like a madman. I'll definitely tone it down this time though, but I'll still pick up some cool things. I'd rather have a good amount of affordable equipment than one or two big buys. Do you think I should buy another lens (likely prime) off the bat?

I'm getting a MIDI keyboard as well, which should be great. I'm also going to take piano lessons soon, to be able to record and edit/mix your own original music seems like it would be a great asset for filmmaking as well. Thankfully music and film mix well. :cheers:
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That was a really good video. Nice to see all sorts of different ideas.

I realized I need to write more, so I edited up a piece I wrote earlier. This is it:


There was a lonely old dog named Otis. He was heartbroken because his owners had died and no one found had found them yet. So their corpses were still there, rotting in their home. They were murdered.

Otis would cry as he paced around their bodies. "Where is their life? Why is everything so bad??" He thought. “I’m so hungry!"

Just then the doorbell rings. Otis barks with excitement and runs to the door jumping away. The doorbell rings again as Otis continues to woof.

"I guess no ones here" he hears a muffled voice say from outside. Then, alongside the poor hopeless barks and whimpers, there was silence.

Days pass and no visitors. Otis is growing tired and quite hungry. He can't bare the thought of what he knows he has to do. So he does it without thinking.

At first he is ashamed, thinking what kind of monster had he become? Then he’s even more ashamed that he loved the succulence of the meat, the incredible flavour.

He eats his former owners until they're just bones, and even then he doesn't stop, gnawing away. When there’s practically nothing left he begins whimpering with anguish and disgust, and loneliness.

Days go by and there's nothing left for him to eat, at least nothing he knows how to get to. He's starving now, broken down to a point so low where he had never been before. This is when his organs start shutting down and he begins to die. It was sad and scary, but there was a feeling of relief as well.

Suddenly the door blasts open! Otis slowly looks up to see a firefighter, and a cop. Otis gets up and struggles out an alarmed bark only to collapse on the floor.

The cop bends down and rubs Otis’ belly. “It’s gonna be alright pal” he says, before examining the blood and bones on the floor.

Otis feels at peace now. “It’s finally over”.

He wakes up a few hours later at the vet. "Never thought I'd be so glad to be here!” he thinks to himself, smiling through the pain.

"You're gonna be alright pup." The veterinarian says, poking him. “You’re a good dog”

The end.​