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link The Town That Didn't Stare

(I was looking for the Screening Room but this was the closest I could find!).

There are a lot of new members here these days who probably won't remember when I was an active member of this forum. As some will know, I've sort of segued out of filmmaking in the past 5 years, first into journalism and then more specifically into audio journalism (podcasts and radio). I've worked for a bunch of magazines, and currently make quite a decent chunk of the UK's current affairs podcasts. Almost all my work is non-fiction these days, but I would still maintain that I learned a lot from this site and the things it taught me about constructing a narrative and telling a story (not to mention Alcove Audio stressing the importance of sound to every new member!).

During the pandemic lockdown, I decided to pursue a personal project that I've been sitting on for a while – a podcast documentary called The Town That Didn't Stare, about the small town of East Grinstead in southern England which has become the UK's hub of alternative religion. It's sort of our Twin Peaks, but real. Anyhow, I've now released the first episode and whilst I know this isn't a film, I consider it film-adjacent and, more importantly, Indietalk-influenced, so I'm promoting it here. If any of you want to listen to something that should be interesting, a bit mysterious, and very British, this is the thing for you. Subscription links below.

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Great to have you stop by and even better that your work has taken off! I look forward to listening.

Thanks Mara – I don't mean to be a drive-by participant here (especially when I'm predominantly coming to flog my projects!), I've just moved away from filmmaking of late and don't have much to offer. But I can definitely see myself doing more film stuff in the future and trying to be more present.
New episode out this morning and it's a blockbuster (by my standards!) about Scientology and a small town in England...

Got a really positive review in today's Financial Times and have been included on Esquire's Best Podcast of 2020 so going pretty well so far. But grateful for anyone who actually listens to it!

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Hi everyone! A couple of new episodes of this show since I last posted here. It's going pretty well; grateful for anyone who actually listens to it!


My 6-part podcast documentary – 'The Town That Didn't Stare' – is now out in its entirety. It's been really fun to work on, a bit of a shift from what I found with indie filmmaking where I struggled to get anyone to watch or review my work. The podcast has been covered in most of the UK's major newspapers now, which is great. Listening figures have been very good but not the millions that I secretly hoped for! But anyhow, I hope that some of you might listen, enjoy and tell a friend...

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