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call-for-entries The ATF Formats Pitch 2021: Could your gameshow be the next big hit?

For anyone passionate about content creation, or produce your very own Gameshow, here is your chance to pitch your idea, gain valuable insights into current trends, meet influential personalities and most of all, potential see your idea materialise into visual reality!

Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) presents various pitch competitions that aim to bring the best out of content makers, exposing these ideas for export and development within or outside of the region. Finalists stand a chance to win cash prizes to develop their winning concept or earn once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to have their script scouted and purchased.

The ATF Formats Pitch is the platform for anyone with an obsession of the impromptu, to showcase new and original, unscripted (non-fiction) entertainment formats for development and export within the region, and the world.

This could be your chance of a lifetime to be the next hit on reality TV!
The winner will receive S$3,500 in cash to develop the idea.

Deadline for entries: 1st October 2021
Open to individuals, students, freelancers, and companies who have winning ideas, and dare to dream big.
Submission is FREE. It is not required to be a registered attendee of ATF to enter this competition.

For more information, you may visit our website at https://www.asiatvforum.com/en-us/conference-and-program/ATF-pitches/atf-formats-pitch.html


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