Speaking of HUGE, check out....

.... this indie flick:


They started shooting this when they were al 16. That was 4 years ago, and its finally finished. Be sure to watch both teaser trailers (if the 3 minute teaser has no sound, hit www.triggerstreet.com and search for girl(boy) I had the same problem, but it worked there.)

Check out the Matrix bullet time, and super slo mo WITH VIDEO (The slowed down the footage, then morphed between the frames for the slo mo effect. Genius)

The bets part is, its supposed to parralel the Matrix. The flick is about a girl with a Jekyle and Hyde personality. Thing is, her Hyde personality is a boy. All her violent outburst are fueled by violence she has seen in the media, hence the Matrix stuff. Inside her imagination, this is reality.

The bullet time is exagerated as a result, and check out the fly stuff. They also have a sick shot where the camera flies over, and INTO a sheet of paper. No one on this level of film making has come close to accomplishing what these kids have. Sit back, realx, and prepare to be amazed!
R. Michael McWhorter


waaaay better than i could do when i was 16. :) another interesting project. yay!
venomousvaldez said:
waaaay better than i could do when i was 16. :)
No kidding. Very impressive stuff. Plus, i have been in contact with these guys. Very dedicated, with good heads on their shoulders. Their not trying to just make a Matrix clone. Their trying to make a movie that forces you to think about the social ramifications associated with such a film. Not to mention, the CG work is second to none.
R. Michael McWhorter