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sound-fx Sound Effects Collections and a 50% off coupon

50% off Discount Code = SPRING50

This is a time of year when indie film cranks up with shorts and features. Prime filming in the spring/summer months with good light. We're celebrating the new with a discount on sample libraries made with indie film in mind. Most of these sound effects were made for indie films or other projects I've worked on as a foley artist or audio post sound designer. We collected these for 10yrs. I know they're useful, because we own large collections of samples from Pro Sound Effects and similar... but STILL had to make these sounds. Why?

Indie films usually don't have Lamborghini or race car sounds... the need a 2004 Honda Odyssey van or a generic sedan. We don't need the sound of a castle door... we need a squeaky wooden junker from Grandma's house. We need the sound of someone peeing in the toilet or eating fast food out of a bag. These are things I had to make... and they supplement BIG gun sfx libraries like PSE or BOOM. Check out the demos...

Why buy a large sound effects collection when you can use FreeSound.org? One.. you support other indie creators. Two... read this...

Thanks for listening! Hope you find this stuff useful and a great value for your projects.