Sony Vegas Movie Studio 13 vs. Magix VMS 14

I will be keeping one computer the Sony's very last version of Vegas Movie Studio and my laptop has the current version Magix Vegas Movie Studio 14. My reasons are as follows:

Magix Vegas Movie Studio does not comes with Sound Forge. It comes with music creation software instead. Also, Sony's Vegas Movie Studio has a better movie title creation program that allows more flexibility in creation custome and original movie titles. The new Magix Vegas Movie Studio is too automated and is too geared to making business presentation titles. Thus, if a filmmaker wants to make a horror or science fiction short, the titling software is useless. One way around it for me is also having Adobe Photoshop Elements where I can create custome titles and save them with transparent backgrouns and use Vegas Movie Studio transitions to animate the photoshop files in a new layer on top of footage for a movie title. I am sure people on this board have many other ways to create titles. I am going to have tto start using Boris FX and HitFilm for movie main titles. But, that's where I am with that right now.

Hope people on this board find this uesful.
Good luck with the crashes due to lack of updates. People complain about sound forge -- which is trash, and other audio editing software. I still use audacity.
I have discussed the crashes with Sony Vegas Pro before, which is the big sibling version of Vegas Movie Studio. The software crashes when trying to make a feature or long short with lots of special effects. It doesn't have the capacity to be an NLE and compositing all in one especially in a computer with limited hardware. My work around was using Adobe Premiere Elements as the NLE and Vegas Pro as the compositing program.

Sound Forge is great for editing sound effects, dialogue, and narrations in a film project. It even comes with 1,001 movie sound effects. People looking to compose music need other software. That should be the continued market for Sound Forge and now Sound Forge Pro.

The Facebook Sound Forge Pro group that I am in has members using Sound Forge Pro for music. Another group uses it for Voice Overs.

I have used it to tailor pre-recorded voiceovers I get on CDs where the actual voiceovers are recorded in a friend's sound recording studio and transferred to CDs for me to extract. Sound Forge is great in prepping them to drop in audio tracks in video editing software.

Good we are having this discussion. Hopefully, people from Magix are reading this to see the market for Sound Forge and Sound Forge Pro.
Audacity is the free audio editing software for Macs. You have to pay, however, to get it to save files in various audio formats. Last time I checked on the Apple Store, the paid version is $100 U.S. dollars. Sound Forge Pro is three times that and half the price of AVID Protools. Sound Forge Pro also got a very favorable review in Mac World Magazine. The Pro versions of Sound Forge are 64 bit versions utilizing more memory than the old Sound Forge 32 bit versions where they can handle music better.

I have Sound Forge Pro on my Mac as well as Audacity, and use Sound Forge Pro much more often.

On the PC side, I have both Sound Forge and Sound Forge Pro, which is Version 12, newer than most people's Version 11. No complaints.
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Available memory in the software is very important to prevent crashes. 64 bit operating systems with 64 bit software go beyond the 4 Gig barrier of 32 bit software. My computer that crashed with Vegas Pro was Windows Vista 32 bit.

All I buy now are 64 bit operating systems and software.