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watch Somewhere in Utah: A Desert Adventure Film

My New Film: Somewhere in Utah

This past winter I found myself on a desert adventure with one of my best friends. Justin Wirtalla is an adventure photographer currently living in his 4-runner full-time. We’ve been through a lot together, from creating TV commercials while living on the beach to performing EDM music and road tripping through Colorado. I hope you enjoy my travel film as a glimpse of our recent expedition: somewhere in Utah. We found some breathtaking locations, made some surreal pictures, and had a lot of laughs. This travel film is unlike anything I’ve attempted to create yet as I challenged myself to do something different than the typical ‘vlogging’ style. Let me know what you think! I’ll keep them coming. If you watch until the end, you’ll hear Florida mentioned. Well, Justin really did end up coming to Florida afterward, and is currently living the island life with me for a couple of months.

If you have any questions about the making of this film relating to travel or filmmaking, don't hesitate to ask! I am happy to answer whatever is on your mind.
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