...so, about my mac....


...I just want to make this mac go to fullscreen!

This is my new G4 and being the pc user that I am, I am trying to get used to the Macintosh version of computers. I am trying to make my window go to fullscreen. I feel dumb asking about this, and I have yet to get the hang of the help text bar.

...my windows only go to half the screen even when I hit the max button. Anyone on here who can quickly advise me on how to just make the window fullscreen? (the manual, quite skinny it is, does not address this)

I can figure out Final Cut Pro, but I can't make this computer go to fullscreen. I must be crazy...

---spinner :cool:
if the dvd burner on the mac is slightly older, it'll only burn dvd-r (as opposed to dvd+r). Your PC may have support for dvd+r only, you'll want to look at your dvd's you're using and under the apple menu, you can pull down to about this Mac...more info...hardware, disc burning it will show you what types of disks are supported. Some where in your PC, it should do the same.