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call-for-entries Short Film Fund | Fall 2022 | Get Your Script Made

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The Short Film Fund is more than just a screenwriting contest. It's an opportunity to get your script produced.

The script is the beginning, not the end. If the screenplay is the blueprint for the film, then the writer's ultimate goal is to see that film produced and distributed.

Shore Scripts has commissioned 16 short films through the Fund that have played at some of the top film festivals around the world including Cannes, Tribeca, and BFI London, and have won major awards including a BAFTA. The writers have gone on to gain representation, sell and option screenplays, and get staffed on TV shows as a direct result of placing in the Fund.

GRAND PRIZE - $10,000 Production Grant

2ND PLACE - $5,000 Production Grant


Plus, our sponsor ARRI Rental will provide free production equipment rental for the duration of production in any country in which they operate.

Our Top 5 Finalists will receive an exclusive feedback report from one of our award-winning Judges with suggestions on How You Can Further Develop Your Screenplay.

And all of our finalists will receive Free access to our exclusive Writers Forum - The Script Hub and the opportunity to have their scripts read and considered by our award-winning Judges, associate Directors, and a special selection of our Industry Roster.

PLUS, every writer who enters receives a Free 18-page booklet on How to Get Your Screenplay Produced.



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Call For Entries | Short Film Fund Early Deadline | Aug 29th

Get your script on screen with the Short Film Fund. This season we’ll green light another two scripts to join the 16 films, proof-of-concept, and pilots that we’ve commissioned since the start of the Fund. Previous winning writers’ films have screened and been nominated at Tribeca, London Film Festival, Austin, and even won an Oscar!

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a cash award of $10,000. And mentorship with 2 x Oscar-nominated writer & producer Maria Garcia Turgeon (FAUVE).

Our 2nd Place Winner will receive a cash award of $5,000.

Our Top 5 Finalists will also receive an exclusive feedback report from one of our Judges with suggestions on How You Can Further Develop Your Screenplay and a free copy of Final Draft.

Top 15 Finalists - Your script will be sent to our Judges, Directors Roster & specially chosen members of our Industry Roster, including Managers, Agents, and Producers.

PLUS, every writer who enters receives a Free 20-page booklet on How to Get Your Screenplay Produced.


Screenwriters! 5 Reasons To Enter | Next Deadline Sept 30th

A screenwriter cannot achieve greatness alone. Becoming a professional screenwriter means writing a “great” screenplay and then sharing it with others to take on as a produced project. Entering a contest can be a great step in this direction.

So let's take a look at 5 great reasons to enter the Short Film Fund.

1. Industry Access

Winning or placing in a contest today can get your work noticed by studios, producers, agents, managers, and directors. But better than that, our top prize winners get to make a film of their script. With a produced film in your portfolio, you are ready to take the next steps in your screenwriting career.

2. Feedback

Opportunities to obtain feedback alongside your contest submission will give you a strong sense of where your script lands among the current competition, as well as provide notes for improvement and validation of your strengths.

3. Deadlines

Contest deadlines can help keep writers on track and provide much-needed motivation to power through rewrites within a set amount of time. This is also great practice for writing under pressure and improving efficiency.

4. Networking

A worthwhile contest will also offer opportunities to meet and network with other up-and-coming screenwriters and filmmakers. Building relationships with peers can lead to ongoing partnerships in creating, producing, and distributing projects independently.

5. Cash, Funding & Other Resources

Whatever the form, getting access to free resources or some cash in the bank can help writers tell their stories while balancing writing with the rest of life.


Check out the opportunities of the Short Film Fund https://shorescripts.com/shortfilmfund/