Shooting in Las Vegas last week in April?

Hey all,
Anyone here shooting in Las Vegas this April? Ill be +1 on a biz trip with my wife (vacation for me!) . I can shoot, I can do sound, I can light, leme know. April 24th-29th!
I had planned on shooting a trailer in early March. And if I can get a budget together, shoot a feature length over the summer starting in June.

Any chance you can change your vacation dates? :yes:

Hey, Wheat! Las Vegas has the 48 Hour Film Project on April 13th-15th. I plan on signing up and having a very small team, including my wife and one or two other people.

I also want to make one more short for June's IndieMeet. Depending on my job, I don't know if I can do it that same month, but I'll keep the dates in mind. I would like to do something with you.
Ha! I'll be there with a pretty big chunk of the team April 14-18 for NAB. If you can tweak the dates at all Wheat, NAB is stinkin' incredible. Hands-on with every camera out there, grip and dolly and audio and any type for production and/or broadcast gear you could think of and a lot of seminars/education to boot.

As far as shooting, nothing solid yet. We're talking about shooting something, but at the same time it's a nice break to be with the guys out of town having fun in the evenings instead of "work". Don't get me wrong, shooting is fun too, but the extra-curricular stuff goes a long way, you know?
I meant "line up" as in indiemeet would be going on that week and I could join in!

for shooting something..

deserted road
big car
pretty woman
what else?
I haven't forgotten! My schedule is different, every week, so I had to wait until today to see if I'm available. We should be able to do something short. Here's my schedule:

Monday - off
Tuesday- off, I just need a window to show my short, BUG COMPLEX at 7:30pm.
Wednesday - work morning till about 3 or 4pm
Thursday - work morning till about 3 or 4pm
Friday - Attending Spring Flicks, from 6pm-11pm. (I have 3 films entered.)
Saturday- work morning till about 3 or 4pm, Spring Flicks from 6pm-11pm
Sunday - Spring Flicks, 6pm-11pm

Barring any work pop-ups, we should be able to get together Tues and Wed/Thurs nights. You can also come to Spring Flicks, if you want. :yes:

I've been a busy filmmaker. Just finished a 48, last weekend. You know - giant bugs and crap. :D

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Cool, Arch. Keep following this thread for details. BTW, I just checked out your other thread - about trying to find filmmaking collaborators. There are a lot of people in Las Vegas. I'm on 6 or 7 Facebook groups and there are so many people to hook up with. Nevada Film Group has over 600 members on just that one.

Anyway, what's your background? Student, Indie producer, A/V tech or production company dude?
We already know each other, Mike. Let's just say I'm an 'auteur of unconventional cinema' ;)

My post was regarding finding people that want to make films for creativity and fun, not business. I haven't found anyone in this town that will do that.
Ha ha ha! Hi, Al...., I mean "Arch!" Well, you should get together with Wheatgrinder and I. I really do want to work with you. :yes: I'm also going to buy Season 2 of WALKING DEAD and make you watch at least the fast-forward version!

I am a lone wolf, much of the time. I was going to make the 48 Hour Film with just Sheila, but then Rusty asked, followed by Chet, then Suzzanne. It ended up being a great experience. I'm aware that if we shoot with your DSLR, I can't edit it, until I convert it. Me and being stuck with 2007 technology. I definitely want to work with you, though!
OK Im in..

Tuesday would be awesome, but wife is actually NOT required at any conference Tuesday so I get to actually spend some time with her! Tell me about the networking party?

shoot Thursday late day \ night

How about we do a dramatic little number for Indie meet.

A few props
(Airsoft pistol, brief case, some fake cash)

A couple actors

Drive out in the desert and do a mob style "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" improve number.

I can bring my GH2 and a few lenses, but no tripod.

Sound? Or just shoot no dialogue.

Bonus points if we can steel some footage on the strip.

I think I can drag my travel buddy along, hes never done any film stuff before, real good people.

(traveling buddy explained: Our wives are in the same network marketing business, we hubbys are tagging along as eye candy) lol