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Shades of Majenta

I posted this awhile ago but I still had much to learn. Studied harder, made big improvements all around, especially the mix on the song. It's now on Jaz's channel proper, and the song is available for download/streaming everywhere. I was blessed to work with such an amazing cast including Ximena Lamadrid before she got her big break! Brenda Raquel, Mickey Factz, Jada Jarvis & more. Hope you enjoy. Happy to answer questions!
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Just got selected for the NY No Limits film festival! I only entered a few, including Tribeca. I figure it's like applying to college. Apply to state schools primarily, and throw a Hail Mary at an Ivy League because why not? lol

Tbh, I didn't intend to do the festival circuit. Straight to the people! So thanks for watching! 🤗