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wanted Seeking screenwriters to test a new writing app

Hi all,

My brother and I are looking for testers to try out a new pre-writing tool that we’ve developed.

We’re both big believers in the pre-writing process and spend quite a bit of time thinking about our stories before actually starting the writing process. But since this process tends to take up a lot of time for us, we wanted a way to quickly take a vague idea and come up with a solid foundation for a story before we started actually writing.

We decided to build a tool that could help us take a story idea, come up with a logline, premise line, and a story strategy while also helping us brainstorm ideas for our stories.

Our app uses a type of AI that acts as a sort of “prism” helping take an idea and break it down into its fundamental parts, giving you guidance on directions you could take your story in. It does not write for you but acts as a “virtual collaborator” that can help jumpstart your own thinking.

We call the app Story Prism and right now it’s still very much in the prototype stage. We are currently looking for 10 screenwriters and filmmakers to help us test it out and give us feedback. Your feedback will help us determine if this app is worth pursuing or if we need to go in a different direction. We think it’s pretty cool but we want to make sure other writers and filmmakers could find this tool valuable before developing the full version of it.

We're looking for screenwriters and filmmakers at all skill levels - from those just starting out to professionals.

You can check out a short demo of the prototype here

If anyone is interested in being a tester, please sign up with this form here.

I really appreciate your time and look forward to showing you all the app!
Can you tell us what platform(s) this runs on - or doesn't run on. The demo video suggests it's laptop compatible, but things aren't always what they seem! 😉