Seeking Music Video Cinematographer/Editor

Just doing some ground work at this point . . .

I am interested in viewing/reviewing the work of filmmakers who have shot and edited several--at least five music videos I could find online somewhere--preferably your own website since I am not a social media type. If I can view your work without signing in to the given social network, great.

I imagine I will be making a hiring decision (for pay) around March or April. Since it is becoming quite common to work virtually, the person I hire can live anywhere on the planet. No relocation necessary. I will likely post this job on at least one job board in Januaryish.

The song has not yet been chosen, however the genre will be one of "Prairie Blues," or "New Blues," which I describe as a mix of the American forms of blues, rock, funk and pop. There is often a hint of country on my musical palette. If you need to hear specific examples of my work, before you share your work, just ask me for a link.

The video may include images that I shoot. I will also suggest frames that you could shoot from anywhere--for example a kitchen, street or restaurant.

If you have specific requirements for pay, please note those when you share your links, so I can gauge rates and skill levels. Meanwhile, I will take suggestions for how to create a storyboard most efficiently.

Please be patient as you wait for a response, as I don't necessarily check in here more than once per week.