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press-release Scriptapalooza Success Stories

Scriptapalooza has earned a reputation for discovering and promoting some of the most talented new screenwriters from across the country and around the world.

Some of our past winners and their quotes on how Scriptapalooza helped them.

Scriptapalooza Success Stories

Rick Limentani has his script SHUTTERS DOWN optioned by Far Lane Media

There are lots of screenplay competitions out there, but only a select few that are really worth entering. Scriptapalooza is definitely one of those.

Keon Hedayati new film KARMA BUMS premieres
There’s no film school or writing program that runs you through the gauntlet of improvement like Scriptapalooza—if you want to know where you stand as a writer, submit and find out.

Jake Macpherson hired by No Huddle Productions to write a horror script
When Scriptapalooza selected my strange, surreal hangout movie "Stray Cat Jazz" into their TOP 100 it gave me the confidence to continue developing my own voice. They let me know that I do have an audience out there somewhere that will respond to what I'm interested in writing.

Mark McCann’s film PARDONED BY GRACE starring Joey Lawrence premieres
When you’re an unknown writer just starting out, you have no credits to your name and every door seems closed to you. Scriptapalooza can help give you the clout to kick those doors wide open and say, “Hey, here I am. Nice to meet you.”

Tamra Teig’s script CHOKEPOINT being produced by Sui Generis Pictures
What’s great about Scriptapalooza is they help promote top placing screenplays to the industry after the competition is over— that’s the kind of boost we writers really need!

Gary Piazza’s film RED SCARLETT goes into production with Noirtainment
Having the notoriety and being regarded as one of the more premier competitions, Scriptapalooza status helped seal the deal with the studio when I pitched and submitted my work to them. I can't thank the team at Scriptapalooza enough for the community support and helping me build my brand.

Christopher Sullivan hired to write a podcast series for salt.audio
I think Scriptapalooza helped give me the confidence that my script was worthwhile and helped energize me going forward. It also gave me something tangible to show to potential producers and managers.

Adrienne Thorne sold her script SYDNEY & CALVIN HAVE A BABY to Believe Entertainment
Placing in the Too 100 of Scriptapalooza gave me the sense of legitimacy (and confidence) I needed to reach back out to my industry contacts about my material. That led to further reads, notes, and a much more polished portfolio of writing, as well as a stronger network of contacts.

Nate Ellis signs with LBI Entertainment and UTA
The Scriptapalooza team do so much and it helps.

Nick Marciano premieres his new film called THE GOOD FAMILY
Due to my screenplay's finalist result, I persuaded investors to fund the project, producing and directing the film myself. Thanks Scriptapalooza!

Rubens Marinelli’s drama series Santo Maldito produced by Star +
The Alien's Puppets was the first script I wrote when I was still unsure about myself, about dropping everything else to pursue a dream so far away. Scriptapalooza was instrumental in this process of not giving up. The script was selected and gave me one of the most precious things for a writer: confidence.

Brian Nolin options his TV Series with Nomadic Pictures and signs with Integral Artists
One of the best things about Scriptapalooza is the unbiased feedback you just can’t get from friends and family. Placing in this contest meant a lot to me, it also helped draw theattention of producers I have since worked with on other projects.

Michael Toay producing a weekly football show called Football With Farhan and Moj
Scriptapalooza has been very helpful in getting our work seen. Even after the competition end, they're still out there, working on behalf of the writers, promoting their work and offering assistance.