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call-for-entries Scriptapalooza FICTION PODCAST Competition 🎙️

Scriptapalooza FICTION PODCAST Competition 🎙️

PaloozaPodcast is a competition devoted to fiction podcasts. This is a relatively new field for writers to tap into and get their work produced. We have industry recognized podcast companies judging the entered material. The winning entry will have their podcast produced and receive $1000.

Podcasting is an increasingly popular pastime in the U.S. and is quickly picking up the pace all over the world. Podcast statistics and reports show that this medium is exploding in many countries with more and more listeners each year.

Our podcast judges:

David Ledgerwood - Content Allies
Fatima Zaidi – Quill
Lindsay Graham – Airship
Ross Plotkin - Barevalue
Lauren Shippen - Atypical Artists

Scriptapalooza will produce the podcast, attach cast and crew and approach all of our contacts to get the podcast greenlight.

Visit www.paloozapodcast.com to enter.