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Scriptapalooza Fellowship announces Mentors

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship has announced their 6 Mentors.

The Scriptapalooza Fellowship recipient will receive six months of mentoring from one of our vastly talented industry mentors. Four additional writers will receive an online writing course and a three-month mentorship.

The deadline to submit your screenplay or pilot is July 9th.

For more information, visit http://fellowship.scriptapalooza.com

Helping as many writers as possible has always been the foundation and heart of Scriptapalooza, and this mission will be furthered with the Fellowship.


4th Dimension Management Group
Shannon Pierce
4th Dimension Management Group is an LA-based management company focused on talent representation and production. We work with a number of A-list talent, and have a strong outreach to independent and studio producers/investors for full feature films.

Pascal Le Comte
European producer of feature films with commercial potential. He is currently in development with a variety of projects and always looking for new material.

International Media
Arnon Louiv
Arnon is also the writer/producer of the feature films MY DAUGHTERS DILEMMA and OUT OF BALANCE, as well as one of the producers of the short film THE GIRL WHO DANCED WITH THE DEVIL which won a Special Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

Berger Bros. Entertainment
Josh Berger
Berger Bros. Entertainment is a comprehensive multi-media production and development company, with the ablility to take projects from concept to completion.

Flip Creative
Michele Kanan
Michele Kanan, former radio talk show host, has been a produced solo writer for over 3 years but has worked on several collaborative projects. She has a preference for drama, comedy and suspense, but is versatile enough to work in any genre.

Little Studio Films
Alexia Melocchi
Partner of Little Studio Films, had a successful career in the international film industry, both as a producer of international projects as well as a worldwide sales agent.
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