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misc Screenwriting writing game - One Paragraph

If anyone wants a break from the norm in writing, there is a game that is played called the Songwriting game, and I think it would be pretty awesome to do here with screenwriting. The concept is a group of people are given a word, and they write a song but in this case the start of a story (one paragraph) based on that word. And they compare/look at later:)

Might not work with screenwriting but would love to see some structure and creativity in writing if anyone has the time! Even if just one replies I think it would be pretty awesome and very helpful to me!

The word: Heavy
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Kind of like a writing prompt... Cool. I'm currently writing a book of fiction and your word caused me to write this:

He leaned back in the depression of the sand. The rain was heavy... So heavy it felt like little ball bearings hitting him on his head, arms, and glove-protected hands. The more it rained, the more he pressed his back into the sandy wetness. The more he disappeared, the more he became part of the landscape. That was good because they'd be along anytime now and he had to be ready. Ready and hidden. It didn't matter that his legs, ass, and back were freezing. That was the job. You had to detach from feeling both physical and mental.

*EDIT: Damn... I might actually USE this. LOL.
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Heavy dumbbells oscillate in the air like a metronome. This man is a machine. Valerie has taken some shit in his life, and the MUSCLEHEAD he's noticed eyeing him has just entered his bad books.

You done?

Fuck off!

Hahaha. Think you're a big man? Seen more meat on a chicken wing!

Muscleahead LAUGHS. Valerie pauses. Sighs. He stands up. He gestures the barbell to him.

You think you can manage this?

Musclehead scoffs, swaggers up to Valeire and puffs his chest.

What, you think that's heavy?

Valerie swings a roundhouse arm with the barbell into MUSCLEHEAD'S temple. He hits the floor limp.

Pretty heavy.
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Three heavy metal heads kneel around a painted red pentagram wearing ceremonial robes. Within the dark and empty hall, five candles housed inside crystal skulls rest along the star's points. The flickering flames produce eerie shadows against satanic images plastered around the stage.

In the middle of the star lies a crimson guitar, shimmering ... glossy.

The sound of slow echoing footsteps breaks the silence. SOUL CRUSHER, the band's lead guitarist enters the stage wearing his flashy heavy metal duds. His face is full of scary piercings. A portable amplifier in his hand.

Is it ready?

The drummer, MARTYR peeks up from behind his hood.

You tell us.

SOUL CRUSHER looks at the guitar and places the amplifier next to it. He picks up the wet guitar and plugs a cable into it. The other end is
inserted into the amplifier. A menacing hum grows louder as the volume is set to its maximum setting.

SOUL CRUSHER proceeds to play an impressive HEAVY METAL solo. The guitar is impossibly loud and distorted.

He stops playing a few seconds in and looks at the guitar. He puts it back exactly where he found it. He removes a cloth from his back pocket and wipes his hands, staining it.

It's not ready.

The three band members look at each other. Soul Crusher walks away, his back to the other band members.

Find another...
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Heavy?!? Theres that word again!!

Is there something wrong in the future with the earths magnetic pull?

back to the future flux capacitor GIF