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watch Schoon Genoeg - Teaser of 48 Hour Project

Last weekend I participated in 48 Hour Film Project in Rotterdam for the first time.
We started as a team of 3, that became a team of 2 people.
But we gathered some friends, connections and strangers, so in the end we had 20 people in our team.
It was a blast!
We build our headquarters in the WTC in Rotterdam and when we knew we had to make a dark comedy, we decided to shoot there as well.

The short is in Dutch and so is the teaser.
But I added English subtitles.

The title is hard to translate as it both means 'Clean enough' and '(having) more than enough of it'.

Beware: it contains strong language


This friday it will premiere on the big screen: so curious how the viewers will react.
Friday night was fun!
Schoon Genoeg was screened in group C with 9 other short films.
We were the first film of the screening and we got some greet responses: the loud laughter indicated we succeeded in making a funny dark comedy :)

Yesterday it was award night.
We didn't win any prizes, but we got nominated for best music and best use of line.
The audience voted us number 3 in group C, which means we got more votes than 2 of the movies that the jury nominated for best film :)

I was already happy with the movie, although there are things that could have been better.
And I'm happy with the nominations and votes.

(And with almost 500 views for the teaser in a few days.)
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Cool. Screenings can go the opposite way, so they are fun when you're up there competing with the best.

The whole film soon to be seen here, I hope.
That was dope! And looks interesting. Definitely like the cinematography.

To everyone: see i give props when they're due. Makes me learn something new and how to improve my filming. If there's something i don't like, I'll let you know. Its constructive. I dont expect anything less. I work towards a goal, outside of huge funding, you shouldn't be able to find a flaw. Thats my approach. Not saying I'll succeed but it should be everyone's goal.