news Scarlett Johansson Almost Cried After ‘Worst’ ‘Under the Skin’ Venice Premiere, Says Festival Director

The story for what the post is referring to is HERE.

Scarlett was upset that the audience booed, as much as they applauded. It is indeed a polarizing film. I didn't like it the first time I saw it, but it keeps playing on DirecTV, so I've revisited it. I love her in just about anything, especially when she is acting weird. LUCY is another example of her being offbeat.


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No problem lol. I received one report from Ben:

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Aww. Like she mentioned herself, but in my words, it was better than indifference. It's a good, provocative, challenging film, worth cult film status. It's one of the most interesting films on her resume, maybe the most interesting and worthy. Did she expect an End Game type response? Infinity War and End Game are a dumb films. Under the Skin is not. Good for her.