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watch SCARE

5 year labor of love completed! Trailer -- http://youtu.be/DmxjhvzHD3k Teaser 1 -- http://youtu.be/DmxjhvzHD3k and Teaser 2 -- http://youtu.be/pZGLJdgHvzA Best watched on a large screen in HD setting. Will be up on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon later in 2018. Right now starting to get major coverage within the Haunted Attraction Industry. Even though the documentary has been completed, totally done, please feel free to comment and make any suggestions. Thank you in advance for any time you might put into viewing and commenting.
Interesting subject material. This looks like a fun documentary! I've always wondering if the Halloween people in those places were really as crazy as they seem.
What SCARE is about... how one unique, actor-based haunted attraction works. How it was started by one man, then became a dedicated group... evolving at several locations. It traces from building original sets, audition of new actors to fully training them, from make-up and costuming secrets... to cast and crew becoming award-winning, paid professionals, working cue lines, developing their unique characters, etc. A lot of different, well-known in the business professionals from around the country share their secrets on set-building, make-up and acting. There is a lot of humor in the interactions between the large cast and crew with cast character arcs, (due to having been shot over a 5 year period).

The doc is aimed at the owners of the 4,500 + large/commercial attractions to home haunts -- their actors and make-up artists.

SCARE is also about HOW TO SCARE. The doc is two hours long but moves fast with a lot of colorful eye candy and a few scares. It is now being seen at TRANSWORLD in St. Louis, and will continue through dark attraction conventions up to Mid-West Haunters Convention. We are running a pre-order discount... on BluRay/DVD to get advance word-of-mouth. Will be up on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other TVODs very soon.

This was a true labor of love. I did all the production work, directing, editing, lighting, audio, marketing, etc. etc. etc. Learned a lot. So far it has been very well received... hope it continues to be so. Fingers crossed.
Looks great. Only feedback is I would not have text on screen when someone is talking. It's hard to concentrate on both.
SCARE input

Thank you... really nice when someone responds on IndieTalk. I have not put up many threads on IndieTalk over the years, because I prefer to read what others are doing. Listen and learn... I am surprised when anyone responds to me or my work...

I did think about cutting audio track with copy... but the trailer is aimed directly at the Haunted Attraction Industry, and those creative people tend to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. Also needed to keep it all around 90 seconds...

Can anyone else comment where the trailer or the two teasers are 'ehhh quality' and why? And how to solve the 'ehhh'? Would appreciate any feedback... especially on picture quality and audio.

Having a nightmare converting MP4 1080 30P to 422 ProRes HQ. https://youtu.be/FBlEBIRtcas