file-related Same 4K, but different video?

Hello :)

Didn't know where to upload a question like this so.....

I was wandering if I could get some answers on why same 4K (or sometimes even way higher) videos are different.
I am not sure weather its the frame rate or something else but one looks better and clearer than the other.

I recently found a platform called KEYCUT. (its only on beta service and not a lot of videos, but has some great footages. Not sure when the actual launching is though :( )
I used to use SHUTTER and GETTY for years and have recently signed up for different smaller platforms.
Feel like sometimes qualities are better than SHUTTER and GETTY, i guess? (It's just my thoughts, u can ignore them)

Anyways, there sometimes are same videos that are both on 4K but they just look different. Ones from KEYCUT seems clearer.
If anyone knows why, can you please explain why it seems different? or is it just my computer that's wrong :(

Oh, and one last thing is that if anyone could pay a visit and see the licenses and give me a note cuz i cannot find things about licensing.
Normally, all the platforms have very complicated licenses and I would like to know some about KEYCUT too but its kinda hard to find.
They definitely need some improvements. (Well, at least the footages are good so.....)

I have no relationship with KEYCUT GETTY SHUTTER or whatsoever so if you think I am promoting any of these related sights, I won't appreciate your comments so please ignore my thread and continue :)

Thx everyone for reading !
It could be color correction.
Could be that the images on their website are compressed or even degraded a little. I didn't take much time to compare.

Sorry, I didn't have time to look at their licences..
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