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Saint Lucia honeymoon

Hey all, this is a video I made 3 years ago on my honeymoon, hope to hear your feedback and critique as I'm always looking for ways to improve. This was my first time using a gimbal, the Zhiyun weebil lab.

I will be traveling again next month for the first time since then and looking to make a similar video, but this time featuring my little toddler. Hopefully I can keep up with him! I have since upgraded my Sony a6000 to a a6600, and I'm thinking of picking up the new DJI RS3 mini gimbal.

All advice appreciated, thank you!
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For this type of video, it's basically perfect. Back when I was hiring people, I would have hired you for mid range pro work based off of this reel.

Great job!


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Awesome! My only critique would be, that blown out sun "look" transition was used too much, so much, you knew it was artificial. And damn. The honeymoon video and not even one kiss???? 😋