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SAG Contract Limit

Later this year I'm releasing a collection of short films. Only one is causing a minor issue because one of the actors was SAG. It was a student project back in 2000 and through the years and several moves the original non-compensation SAG contract the actor signed has been lost. I don't remember much of anything in the contract except I don't think I was allowed to sell the film.

Has anyone seen this contract before? If so what are the stipulations? Does it ever expire? I don't want to release the film, even in limited release, only to be hit with a lawsuit from a disgruntled actor.
A SAG contract expiring? Bwahahaha
If it was from year 2000 it was probably SAG experimental, in which you owe scale to the SAG actors when the film is distributed.
You can probably make estimates on a schedule G, pay the actors and file it with SAG, and then distribute the film. SAG will either take your numbers on good faith or look up the original paperwork they have on file.
On the other hand, if you never filed paperwork, then you are technically in violation.
Probably best to have a friendly discussion with a SAG rep first. They want their actors to get paid first and foremost.
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