Reel 2014

Thank you Nick and Jax it really does mean a lot especially coming from you guys.

@Jax everything you see are just short films I did for myself. I use work lights and the BMPCC with couple of lenses.Nothing fancy really but I hope as I release the reel and my upcoming short film to be able to work on some bigger projects with bigger crew since most of the stuff is just me and the actors needed ,maybe a friend of mine to help me out.

I did two bigger projects with bigger crew for a client but I didn't put it in the reel.

@Nick the industry is not that great unfortunately. It's basically either no films at all or high budget films I can't really get into. They shot Expendables 3 and Automata here this year as well as bunch of other Hollywood movies but they want a lot of experience even If I want to run around as a PA and helping people out with whatever it's needed.
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Great stuff! Watched the whole thing, take that as a compliment :).

Only thing I would say is you should put a title at the begining and end with your name and contact details etc. If i just watched that linked somewhere I wouldnt know who you are.

But yea some sweet work there, congratulations.