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link Rajiv the rapping motel clerk from my movie DETOURS

I forgot to ask you, what camera was this filmed on? You got a good film look on this one, and honestly, I've been seeing a good number of much higher budget indie films lately where the final format didn't look this good. Like those 1 million dollar Bruce Willis movies that they churn out once a week. Your film looks better, at a fraction of the budget.


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Your film looks better, at a fraction of the budget.
That has always been my goal (seriously).

We shot 98% of it on an Arri Alexa. We interviewed quite a few DP's, and almost all of them said that's the best camera to use for this type of road trip movie. The other 2% are the shots out the car window (supposedly on "Dan's" camera), which were done on a GoPro.

Our 1st AC was also a steadicam op, and we paid extra to him to function in that role on a limited number of days (including the dancing scene in the bar).
Alexa's are good cameras. I think it's great that you guys used a stedicam operator as well, so many people don't bother to use one, and think it doesn't make any difference, but it makes a difference.

And yeah, same here on the goal, I think if you're an indie filmmaker, punching well above your weight is the only strategy that could ever work. And once in a while, it does.