Post the best Indie short film you've ever seen

The thing about indie shorts is that they don't get marketed. This means that regardless of quality, most people never see them. The only way to find them is typically through word of mouth. This post is just a place for people to link amazing indie shorts that they've seen.

I'll start out with a few examples that I doubt anyone has ever heard of, in the hopes that others will introduce me to some interesting films or videos I would never otherwise hear of

Don't know if I'd rate it "the best" (coz I'm more of the "it depends" school of thought) but if you want something good and definitely the kind of thing you're unlikely to have seen, then this should fit:

The subject matter can possibly only be fully appreciated by the nichest of niche audiences, and yet was distributed in major cinemas in Ireland (where I saw it, back in the day) as a warm-up for the main event. I'd argue it merits being described as (one of) "the best" because I remember this film, but have absolutely no recollection of what feature came after, i.e. the one I'd paid to see!
I watched it, and it's good. I don't think it actually needs a niche audience, it's a good short story. I feel like the film needed a colorist, and the last scene could have been a bit more fleshed out, but it was good overall.

I'm a bit surprised that no one had any reaction to either of the films I posted, both are unique and exceptional in their way.
I'm a bit surprised that no one had any reaction to either of the films I posted

Give us time to react! I haven't watched them yet, because these are "at home" days right now ... which means I'm working in the garden till about 9pm, and only get started on indoor stuff (like cooking and eating) after that. Most of the YT videos I "watch" at the moment are monologues with stock video footage that don't require my eyes to be immobilised in front of a screen. That situation will change next week, so I've put your two on my Watch Later list till then.
oh, right on, lol, wasn't trying to rush you, I was just curious to see what people thought of some of my favorites, and it's been a bit on the quiet side here for about 2 weeks. I wondered what you thought of the big demo I just posted also, as long as you are making a watch list. I remember that you were there the first day I announced that project a year ago, so I thought you might find it interesting to see it finally up and running a year later.
Hard for me to come up with "the best," but 88:88 was excellent:

BULLETS OVER BREAKFAST from around 2006, but this got the most play at my IndieMeet gatherings.
Bullets over Breakfast is what I would call classic indie filmmaking. Cheap and fun, good stuff.

88:88 this is a good example of what a difference it makes shooting log and then grading. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who reads the camera manuals, lol. And indie filmmakers should take note of how much effect they got from a single establishing shot with sky replacement. Basic, but very effective. Audio is handled very well, careful mixing, excellent signal to noise ratio throughout most of the film.
This one is great storytelling without relying on special effects and using just great talent, Harry Knowles talked about it after watching the Time Crimes DVD many years ago.

7:35 de la Mañana - 7:35 In The Morning with closed caption subtitles​

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