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Pinky's Big Day

I released my newest short film, Pinky's Big Day, earlier this month. It was 5 months of hot glue burns, late-night dollar store foam board runs, and as always.. lighting things on fire in unventilated spaces.

I'd love to get some feedback on this, if you've got a few minutes to spare. Thanks, friends!
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From IMDB user reviews -

***** A triumphant masterpiece according to my film school professor

When I started watching this film, I was immediately blown away, Boyd and co have once again proven that indie film is a force to be reckoned with. From it's startling revelations to it's ambiguous slice of life pacing, the film straddles the line between the conscious and unconscious mind reminiscent of greats such as Kaufmann, Estobirch, Klien, Gilliam, and Bergman. One can only surmise that this chromatically arranged ode to isolation is what Kafka was always going for, but never fully realized in his films. The attention to detail in director Jackson Boyd's savage dissection of the post modernist psyche is an indelible landmark on the timeline of cinematic artistry.

*** Fun for the Whole family

I watched this on a non stop Delta flight into Cincinnati, and It was better than I expected. I typically only like Owen Wilson movies, but this was a great change of pace. My 7 year old goth son loved the creepy stuffed animals, and my wife really enjoyed the storyline about how pinky had been trapped in a domestic hell until he went mad and started talking to himself through his toys. It's no "Die Hard 4: Live free or Die Hard" but the film had a good bit of action in it. Hope they make a sequel so Pinky can return from space.

* I don't understand the difference between a movie and a mirror

I cannot understand all these 5 star reviews. Like all movies, I was just waiting to see myself represented on screen, but it never happened. What kind of horrible films intentionally snubs every race and creed at once. No Catholic Irish people, no POC, no extremely tall people, no fast food workers that still listen to Andrew dice clay albums, no foot fetish enthusiasts. Is there no group that this hateful ode to exclusion cannot target? As far as I can tell, this entire film was constructed as an attack, by the patriarchy, on anyone who won't fall in step with it's outmoded model of stuffed animal stereotypes. I'm writing a list down of every type of person that wasn't shown in this film, and sending it to the police.

**** I'm un American, dang it

Me and Jimbo done watched this movie on account of we thought it was going to be about trucks, because our cousin uncle had a truck named pinky once. Turns out, the whole thing was just about this pig that done escaped the farm and started up a "republic of Huru" situation in a house somewhere. They has this ceremony in it to where the pig is gettin interviewed by this tiger, and we kept expecting the tiger to eat the pig, but he never did. We killed one of those half gallons of mccormicks vodka between the two of us, and ended up watching it 3 times in a row before we passed out. Pretty good movie, but I just have one question, how did they get that pig into the costume?

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***** Hollywood can't make movies like this any more

Watching this film really reminded me of what films were like back when I was young. Todays films are just noise, back in my day, we had real film, with real stories and talented actors. A great example to the younger generation, putting characters and story ahead of all these soulless newfangled special effects.

* I'm an expert on something stupid and useless, and I'm extremely proud of it

First of all, I'd like to say that the film overall wasn't bad. That aside, the movie supposedly features an Tormack and Sihlobahn classic round table in it's main scene, but here's the thing, those tables were only produced by a single factory from 1992-1993, and every single one had the 3/4 inch bevel around the second stand ring. Is this movie expecting me to believe that this trite second hand shop table is actually a genuine Tormack and Sihlobahn classic round. Insane! Know your tables, or don't put them in the movie. One star, and I'm being generous, because it's a real star, and not some cheap knock off insultingly foisted upon us by contemptuous filmmakers who think the audience is too stupid to spot the difference.

*** Everyone on IMDB is crazy

I didn't watch the movie, I just wanted to point out that every last one of you is insane, to the extent that whoever made this movie about talking puppets seems like the most rational voice on this webpage.
And now the actual review.

I liked it. It reminded me of a lot of the experimental indie film I used to like when I was a kid, liquid television and the like.

I would recommend at least trying out UE5 for filmmaking, 5 months of trips to the craft store sounds like a lot.

I definitely enjoyed how deranged the whole thing was, and I don't mean that facetiously, It's deranged to the point that if someone asked me what that word meant, I would point them directly to this film. It feels authentically deranged, and keeps this tension where you expect it to take the easy way out and resolve into a pleasing chord, but it never does. This movie sticks to it's core identity, and never wavers.
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Much appreciation to both of your reviews, Nate. I enjoyed reading them immensely. I've heard about Unreal, I'll have to give it a look!
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Much appreciation to both of your reviews, Nate. I enjoyed reading them immensely. I've heard about Unreal, I'll have to give it a look!
If you ever decide to try out unreal, send me a message, and I'll give you a few grand worth of assets to get started with, and help you get past the first few days (because unreal is an impossibly steep learning curve for the first few days, but then it gets easier).
Really enjoyed this. Little messed up the piggy was eating bacon... But I assume that's the point. I love practical fx, and everything was really well put together and fit the theme of the film.


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Excellent! You had me at "Brushing with Good Charlotte" and "Nightclubbing and Genocide!" 😂🌎💣