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Original Animated Sci Fi Webseries


I started my own animated action cartoon about a year ago. I finally managed to start the series and I released the first episode and second episode in October. I'm doing the show with and for literally $0. The only thing I use is my computer. I email the lines to free voice actors on the web, they email me the lines back. I voice to the main character, mainly to save on time, but i also love acting.

The show is called "Deadstar" It is a science fiction story about a reckless mercenary who finds a lost girl from different planet. He agrees to take her home, but on the journey he discovers she has acquired a mysterious power. A power that may not only make her a danger to him but a danger to the entire universe.

I'm a 3D animator, I'm currently in going to school for animation at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Cartoon shows like Dragon Ball Z, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop have been a huge influence on me. This project is sort of like dream project for me, I still look at it wondering how I could have made this. Please let me know what you think of the show, and if you'd like to see more of it.


New Trailer for the show:
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the story seems great and intriguing, and you did a good job on it.

I hate the style of animation you refer to and you managed to win me over.

All in all, well done.
Finally another 3d sci-fi series pop up here!! I'm so glad to see others taking up the challenge because quite frankly... there isn't enough sci-fi content out there anymore (especially 3d animated stuff). Keep at it!

Your strongest point is your visuals; for the most part I really liked the majority of the backgrounds/environments used and the setting is what grabbed me the most out of your work. So, that's one area I don't think you need to worry as much about... good work!

I do have a few suggestions just as constructive criticism:

-Clean up and balance the audio's volume, if you haven't already, pick up Audacity if you need a free and fairly robust sound editor. It also has a noise filter that i've found valuable for compensating for my less-than-great audio recording equipment.

-Be careful about your animation, it does not feel balanced with the quality of the visuals. As you work, perhaps use certain shots in your series as experiments or learning sessions... i've found this a great way to produce content and learn something new at the same time. When I work on my series, I always try to include one or two shots that consist of something i've never tried before, even if they are just little things.

-This is just personal preference, but I think lowering the FPS for a series of this style to 12-15 FPS instead of 20+ would actually make things look a lot better. Consequently, it would also reduce your render times and make certain effects much easier to do.

That's all the commentary I have for now, I look forward to seeing more from you.


-Ryan Roye
Tanadrine Studios