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wanted OFFER + GOLDENMORAL CINEMAS | 2021-2022 Release Slate

AAYY! Wassup friends it’s Asher. Read to the end I have a few questions and a request/offer for you!


This and next year Goldenmoral cinemas (Led by me and my Co-director Nick) is really pushing forwards in terms of content. Higher quality films especially. This is why we have chosen to extend our hand out to other filmmakers. We will release your movie, short, feature or documentary+trailer on the Goldenmoral Cinemas YouTube channel service.


-We will help to advertise your film on social media. On Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, discord, bit chute and more.

-This includes getting other film reviewers, written reviewers and YouTube reviewers to make content on your movie online. We have been building our contacts with such reviewers. However that being said, the number of reviews your film would get depends on the quality of your film and those creators willingness to review. For perspective, our past two movies received 7-10 review videos on YouTube and rising.

- We can help in the creation of your movie and trailer. If your currently making a short, feature or documentary we can help in the process. (Not with funding yet, Goldenmoral Cinemas isn’t at that stage for now). However we can help with certain aspects of pre-production and post-production. For example in post production would be color grading, voice acting, narration, sound design, editing, music and more. Also, any movie you submit that you have already made, we can go over and visually/audio wise enhance if you want.

- If your film is released on Goldenmoral cinemas, there is no rule against you releasing that same movie on a channel of your own as well at the same time. We actually encourage that for more exposure on your hard-worked-for creation. Also, if you ever want the film to become private or taken down completely, we will oblige. This is a laid back, loose agreement to help each other out 🍻.

-When your film is uploaded, it’s nothing binding. You keep all the rights to your movie, characters, sequels, prequels etc. If you have merchandise or books or a Patreon page that are meant to get you profit from your film. You keep all %100 of that profit and we will help promote that with ur film.

What we get:

Our benefit is spreading more good content of under-appreciated filmmakers to a wider audience. Pleasing our subscribers and entertaining viewers. We want to make an impact through films, in whatever way that may be. Currently all genres are welcome, all ratings as well even to R rated films, within reason and context.

We won’t be taking all films submitted, only the best. That being said, when you submit your film if we don’t accept it we won’t just say “no.” We will give a full, critique feedback review of many aspects of your film to help you with your next. Then maybe next time your film may get a full release on Goldenmoral Cinemas!

We will only work with passionate filmmakers. Which is what I’m excited for.
Also, I’d recommend releasing your film to festivals before submitting to the channel.

I hope you are interested in this proposal! It’s parameters and full details are still in the works. If you want to submit a film you can DM me or just strait up put ur film in a reply to this thread lol. Then we can talk specifics.

Here is Goldenmoral Cinemas current release slate of feature films coming out! We have 5 in the works currently.
As a side note, I would love to know. Which of these titles/coming projects make you the most intrigued? And why?

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IndieTalk's Resident Guru
Sounds like a great plan, Asher. I've seen all the hard work you and your co-director
put into your projects.

A little thing that makes a huge impression: at the end of your "What's Next" teaser
you have a glaring misspelled word. That shows a lack of attention to detail. On a
board or text it doesn't matter. On screen it is very important.

I want to know that when you advertise my movie on social media everything will be

Good luck with this!