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marketing No more DVDs

Amazon just contacted us to report that as of June 1, they will no longer manufacture DVDs of our movies. It's true that the DVD market has been getting smaller and smaller, but we were still selling a few DVDs every month.
I REFUSE to get rid of my DVD players, and I just had to install one on my new high powered gaming... er, I mean editing computer! Hell, I still have an 8-track player and I THINK I still have a working 4-track.
Yes, I enjoy things that I can "touch"...like DVDs. We still play VHS tapes from our collection of 1000plus. We also still listen to vinyl LP records on a daily basis, and I will fire up my 16mm movie projector from time to time. (Yes, we have audio tape cassettes too). But the good part is, since all of these things are dinosaurs, I can buy them for for peanuts at our local flea markets...


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I'm glad to have so many things I don't have to touch.