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service New orchestral work influenced by Hans Zimmer , Joe Hisaishi

Hey indietalk, Greg here. I would like to showcase some of my personal work to you if you're interested to listen to Orchestral tracks out of curiosity or to use them for free in a student project. I'm mainly a composer/arranger for bands in need of orchestral parts and the following tracks are only the result of my musical mind wandering here and there as a release after work.

Here are the License terms for most tracks:
  • Free to use in personal non-monetized youtube videos movies twitch streams tiktok and student projects. Credit and link to used track is mandatory. Ads may run on your video on my behalf. Every track is copyrighted and registered to BMI
  • For commercial projects and/or to remove the ads, a license must be purchased.

If you want to support this work, you can buy digital copies on Bandcamp for 1 buck.

My latest track is called Transcendence. It's heavily inspired by Epic Heroic soundtracks but has the structure of a Rock track with intro/verses/choruses/bridge/outro

One other track is called A Bird's Life. It's actually more an Orchestral Suite rather than a track, it has several themes and evolves a lot. The mood is more Romantic.

Another track I can share is called We Own This Land which is actually released under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 so you can use it even in commercial projects. Credit is required. This was one of my first epic cues almost 2 decades ago. I'm giving this one away for free.

Thank you for listening, hope you'll enjoy it.
Here is a new Orchestral Suite heavily inspired by Hans Zimmer's action / suspense cues divided in several parts:

Extermination Sketchbook Orchestral Suite:
Part1 - Critical Alert (Suspense / Stress)

Part2 - Under Assault (Action)

I hope you will enjoy them and maybe find a use for your projects.