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NeoDCP Player - Elite Class DCP Player Software

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It's our pleasure to give you a brief update regarding the availability of the NeoDCP Player software for all of you.

NeoDCP Player is a Windows-based 3D DCP player software with very modest hardware requirements. We believe everyone here knows pretty well what a DCP player is, so let us just provide You with a link to the product website and to list the most important software features.

The official website is www.neodcp.com

Trial versions are available for free here: http://www.neodcp.com/download

Main playback features:
  • Playback of both encrypted and unencrypted Digital Cinema Packages (DCP)
  • Support for both the SMPTE DCP and the legacy Interop DCP JPEG2000-based standards
  • Stereoscopic (3D) playback
  • Real-time decoding and lossless playback of 2K DCPs at 24 fps on a single-CPU system
  • Real-time decoding and lossless playback of stereoscopic (3D) 2K DCPs at 48 fps on a single-CPU system
  • Playback of DCPs up to 4K on almost any modern Windows-based computer, also in 3D, if supported
  • Subtitle rendering (both SMPTE XML/MXF and Interop)
  • Built-in Key Delivery Message (KDM) database with easy to use KDM-ingest feature
  • Concurrent KDM-ingest is possible when previewing DCPs
  • Full-screen playback with separate control window
  • Full vertical-sync control on secondary or tertiary display devices
  • No playback tearing or stuttering issues
  • Simple DCP inspection, possible to show relevant ingested decryption keys and their expiration dates, and to show the internal DCP structure
  • Much anticipated playlist feature with smooth uninterrupted transitions between DCPs
  • 30-bit deep color output support (AMD/ATI, Intel)
  • HDCP and DPCP content protection mechanisms
  • Users defined their own XYZ to RGB color space conversions to meet various requirements
  • Support for digital masking (Flat 1.85:1, Scope 2.39:1, 2.35:1 and 16:9)
  • Possibility to configure reference whites for color transforms
  • DCP ingest feature
  • DCP hash verification feature
  • So-called Supplemental DCPs are fully supported
  • Full support for rendering closed subtitles and open/closed captions
  • Windows 10 is fully supported
  • Implemented Random Routing based on SMPTE 377-4 MCA (MultiChannel Audio) descriptors

Additional features useful for Production Companies:
  • Check DCPs before they are sent to cinemas
  • Playback of individual MXF files with the possibility of combining them together and optionally specifying their decryption keys
  • Able to inspect DCPs on a per-frame basis
  • Smooth playback looping for diagnostic purposes
  • Possibility to step frame-by-frame forward or backward

Other notable features:
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Multilingual user interface, available in English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Brasilian Portuguese and Slovak languages so far, other translations can be added quite easily
  • Modest hardware requirements: a single high-end CPU with a mid-end graphics adapter will suffice
  • Real-time XYZ to RGB color space conversion
  • Possibility to automatically adjust the playback resolution to match computer power or to control the playback resolution manually
  • Synchronized audio playback
  • Manually adjustable audio/video delay in milliseconds
  • Available for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • No internet connection required

Current offer: Buy 1 Ultimate license, get another fully featured license for free.

Should You have any questions, suggestions, or offers, contact us.

Yours sincerely,

NeoDCP Development Team