Need idea for new company name

Hi guys, I've been scratching my heads for days for a name as I'm setting up a new company.
It's gonna be a production company, but what we provide is more of a video marketing services for client.
For examples, our client, Cafe A are buying our service,
what we do is we'll be creating a series of videos, like corporate videos to show cafe's concept, mission, vision, showing their knowledge in coffees, demonstration of coffee making, organizing online contest ALL via videos.

Name I want is a name that can show our professionalism and creative. And i wish to have the name simple, (Apple, Nike, Amazon, Starbucks etc)

Appreciate help from you guys!
Welcome to IndieTalk!

You can come up with a production name by taking something that is (or was) a large part of your life and working it into the title. And/or the name could be related to the services you are offering. For example, Starbuck was a character from the story Moby Dick, a book that the creators admired. Apple was a tribute to Apple Records, as well as a simple name so that the people that used their products wouldn't be intimidated by complex names that most companies had at the time. Use your imagination and good luck with coming up with a name!
My company, Black Creek Productions, was named thusly:

Black Creek flows through the valley where my farm is.

In the early 1800's my family (on my maternal grandfather's side) owned a huge tract of land that the creek flows through.

It flows over one of the icons of my youth, Noccalula Falls (a tourist trap here).

My great grandfather mined coal on Black Creek and sold it to the steel mill (now defunct) that is one of the film sites that I promote. The old mine shafts are still visible from the walking trail that leads up to the falls.

Black Creek is the southern border of the steel mill site.

If you Google earth Gadsden Industrial Park you can follow the creek from the mill site back up through the gorge and up the valley.
just make sure you search to make sure the name you want to use is not already in use by somebody else...otherwise you may have a copyright lawsuit heading your way which will never end well for you.