Need Costume Designer or Cosplayer for Sci Fi Costume


I am looking high and low for a costume designer to make something for a music video that will shoot next February. I am searching through Cosplay communities as well, and have reached out to some bigger cosplayers, because the things these communities create are unbelievably impressive.

The costume is for a ancient military cyborg character, and involves a skin tight fabric under-suit with armor pieces over top of it, as well as a thin headpiece that wraps around the back and sides of her head and her jaw/chin.

I am looking for a talented artist that is seeking a project to really execute their best work yet. Ideally the costume designer will be 3D printing the armor, or if they fabricate it by hand it needs to look as nice as some of the armor pieces you see people make on the website.

Please PM me and I will discuss the costume budget. This is low budget, but I have what I believe will be more than enough for materials and a will most likely leave some for a fee, as well as a day rate on set each day to be there with us to help put on and take off the suit the correct way, etc.