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campaign My short film is gaining SERIOUS traction!

I've been working on this short doc for over a year now. It's finished (just about) and I've been promoting the ever-loving-hell out of it. Everywhere I can. Everyone I can talk to. Well, it's starting to pay off.

The film is about mental health awareness. I made it in dedication to my late friend who committed suicide last year. I made an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds (incentives being short film/mental health awareness related merch). It's already at $1.2k!

Not only that but I've been writing to every single local and major news agency I can about it. Two huge news organizations in my community did finally get back to me. One of them is calling me next week, the other I spoke on the phone with a couple days ago... for five hours! She loved everything about the story. She's even letting me write the article (with her collaboration).

What's even more interesting is that she has some pretty major connections. I can't say anything right now but she sent the trailer to some huge production company and they loved it! They want to know when it'll be ready to release!

All of this is going so well and I feel so grateful, I think I'm gonna be able to make my friend proud.

Check out the trailer if you want here. I even made a press kit for the film festivals that you can see here.

Plus I got the Facebook page which is getting more and more followers by the day!

And I don't know how this forum feels about crowd funding but it's all going to a good cause, the Indiegogo is here.

Just wanted to share my excitement. This is my first short film and I feel so accomplished.

Check out the posters below:

Born Into It - Revamped Poster 1 (Low Quality).jpg

Born Into It - Revamped Poster 2 (Low Quality).jpg