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watch My Live action fantasy short film

Some members might remember that in 2019 I talked alot about a fantasy short film I was working on. But I wasn’t present in this group when it was released in 2020. Time has passed and since then I’ve gone and done other things but it’s only fair now that I’m back that you should all see the product i tried to hype people up about back then lol.
So here it is. Filmed some in New Zealand mountains some in Australia. The battle scenes at the start were assisted by a game engine called Rome total war. Other than that it’s filmed by me. I composed the music and all that jazz. My first real fantasy film, 20 minutes. It’s received great reviews since it’s release but you can tell it’s still pretty noob. I’d love your criticism since this year I’m going after live action yet again after a brief journey into animation, but for a feature this time.

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