Music Here! Perhaps we can help each other?

Hello there! :hi:

I am looking to increase my portfolio of experience as a film music composer and I reckon that perhaps we could help each other. I was wondering if there would be an opening for me to score music for you tailored to specific projects, with the aim of creating a further impact on your audience. Alternatively, I would be equally happy to supplement the work of any professionals currently working on projects – this would be great experience in itself for me!

I am happy to compose for all forms of media, including live-action films, computer-animated films, advertisements and video games and would love to have the opportunity to adapt to whatever was needed and to work with different people.

Would you be interested in this?

I have just finished directing the music for my school’s production of Shakespeare’s Othello, a task which included both composing and conducting my own work and collaborating with the director to create the right dramatic effect.

I also wrote a new school song to celebrate its 500th anniversary, which (like Othello) received a terrific response from the audience. Two years ago I worked with Kokoro (the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s new music ensemble), winning their ‘call for scores’ competition to write a sea-themed five-minute work. My entry was based on the legend of Jason and the Argonauts and the experience I gained from discussing and work-shopping with professionals was invaluable. This was also the first time I heard my work played live in concert! Furthermore, I came seventh in the Bath Film Festival FilmScore Competition 2016. There are additional details to all of these opportunities on my CV, attached to this email.

As part of my music A Level work I’m studying different world music styles as well as improving my technique for composing to media. This has increased my composition knowledge and the diversity of my work. If you would like to hear any examples then please just ask.

I would be really grateful for such an opportunity. Moreover, I hope my contribution might benefit you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. It would be a pleasure to work with you! :thumbsup::)


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