Masterpieces of a city: Rome

Hello lovely people, I travelled to Rome for a few days and explored the breathtaking city with it's stunning buildings and people. Check out my video to get a glimpse of Rome and how wonderful the city is. Hope you enjoy it.

If you have constructive critism, please let me know :)


I really like your video. Nice editing and flow! Rome is the most beautiful city I've ever seen. Can't wait to go back.

On a different note:
I think this is the more appropriate forum?

I think here is more for actual filmmaking questions as opposed to showcasing your work and asking for constructive criticism. (I think.)
I think you need to speed up the foodage and cuts or take a different song for this edit especially in the beginning of your movie. What you do at 0.33 works and feels richt.. After 0.50 I think you're editing ritm is much better. Good shots...
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Thanks Feutus Lapdance, I was experimenting with slow motion and yeah I think I used it too much. Anyway thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!