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Yes, the main character's a repressed gay man and the serial killer is a man who see's himself as a girl.

The plot was better explained at first and had more backstory but due to several factors it a lot of it got cut and this is what i have now.

Hope you all like it, we had no budget and i'm probably gonna get sued for the axe-door scene.
The story is interesting. I guess the part you cut would have made it clearer.
Why would you get sued for the axe-door scene?
We filmed at a lodge we found in the middle of nowhere and we had no authorization. We looked for a way to film the scene without actually breaking down the door but time was of the essence and i decided to go trough with it. So far no one has contacted me about it.
CRAZY UPDATE: i actually did get sued for vandalism and invasion of private property. The police took all the props they found on the scene of the 'crime' (shoot) and sent them to the lab for forensics to analyze. It was crazy.

Anyway i decided to create my own production company and inspire artists to create more and i've recently been informed that charges against me have been dropped so everythings great!

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