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Looking for videography work in my area with no luck(Michigan)

So I feel as though my skill with filming and knowledge has gotten to the point where id like to make some
money off my work, I'm having a really hard time finding people In the area that need work done. Any suggestions?


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Any suggestions?
Define exactly what you want to do. "videography" is vague.

Research the needs in your area. Weddings? Commercials?
Music videos? What companies in your area need "videography"?
How can you meet their needs?

Market yourself. Often that means working for someone else
for a while. Create an excellent, professional website.
I would prefer things such as wedding videography, commercials, media produced just for the Internet. I just don't know how I'd get the work
What are you selling?
What is your competition selling?
How much are you charging?
How much is your competition charging?

These are very specific question with REAL answers, not guesses. Answering them TRUTHFULLY will reveal why your not successful.

Your competition might CHARGE for services but that is NOT what they are selling. Nobody buys services, they buy what the service does for them. Think of it like this.. you don't BUY mobile phone service, you buy the ability to make phone calls from your mobile phone.

Chances are your running around shouting to the world "Get your video services here!" but nobody wants "video services" just like nobody wants "mobile phone service"....

You've got to figure out what they want and give it to em for less money then your competition, faster than you competition and better than your competition.

good luck!
Wheatgrinder is right: what are you selling?
Memories of the most beautiful day of their lives?
The ability to communicate fast and in a convince way what the benefits of their product is? (Do you see the there is the 'what are they selling question' again?

Why should they hire you?
Why do you do what you do?

(Service and quality aren't unique selling points, you'll need a more compelling story to be unique.)